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* First Place – International Juried Photography Exhibition, Viridian Artists Gallery NYC
Juried by Elisabeth Sussman, Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC

* First Place – Photowork 2011, Barret Art Center NY
Juried by Lauren Hinkson, Assistant Curator for Collections at the Guggenheim Museum NYC

* First Place – Seeing Seeing: Capturing a Moment, Creative Arts Workshop Gallery CT
Juried by Felice Frankel, artist/scientist at MIT and Harvard University.

* Second Place – Digital Works, Long Beach Foundation of the Arts and Science, NJ
Juried by Christiane Paul, Associate Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art NYC

* Third Place – Without a Map competition, Northbrook Public Library, Northbrook IL
Juried by Deborah Boardman, Instructor at School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)

* Honorable Mention – Borders: Visible and Invisible, Firehouse Plaza Art Gallery NY
Juried by Samantha Rippner, associate curator of Drawings and Prints, Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

* First Place – National Juried Photography Exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts VA

* First Place – Digital Construct, Digital Concept, Vermont Photo Space Gallery VT

* First Place – Utah Ties 2010, Central Utah Art Center – CUAC, Ephraim UT
Juried by Timothy Hawkinson.

* Juror’s Choice – 49th Founders Juried Awards Exhibition, The Von Liebig Art Center FL
Juried by Diane Camber, Director Emeritus of the Bass Museum of Art FL

* Juror’s Award – Utah Art Council’s Fine Crafts and Photography, Salt Lake City UT

* Juror’s Award – Utah Art Council’s Fine Crafts and Photography, Salt Lake City UT

* Merit Award – Art of Our Century, Woodbury Museum, Orem UT

* Second Place – 20th Regional South East Juried Exhibition, Mattie Kelly Arts Center FL

* Second Place – 10th Annual International Competition, Fraser Gallery, Bethesda MD

* Honorable Mention – Photographer’s Forum Magazine Photography Contest CA

* Honorable Mention – Artist Portfolio Magazine Cover Art Contest, Los Angeles CA

* Honorable mention – Eccles 15th Statewide Photographic Competition, Ogden UT

* Merit Award – SLCC Annual Exhibition, Salt Lake City UT

* Pictureline & Borge Anderson Photography Sponsorship Awards, Salt Lake City UT

* 2 Ray Olpin Union Purchase Awards 2006, Salt Lake City UT